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    Ken Howells
    General Member

    PG Flight Log 2020-03-22
    Model: Icaro Twice TE
    Size: Small
    Launch Site: M750
    Land Site: AJ
    Launch Time: 14:46
    Airtime: 0:16
    Comments: Day 3 of shelter-at-home for COVID-19. Went to LZ Saturday but wasn’t really gonna fly. Rain forecast for the afternoon but utterly gorgeous morning. A few minutes on the bike. Decided during the ride that I’d fly-and-hike the 750 with the PG. Got camera and selfie-stick ready for first real use. Vario jostled off charger but truck and solar got me enough for the flight. At the LZ there was a little activity. Nacho Peresson had sunk from the 750. Dusty flew for the first time since surgery. I gave Nacho a ride to the 750 with the windows down. Wind cycles. Guy getting to 4k+ west of the LZ. Nacho launched and was just maintaining above the 350. I got set-up with deliberation and care (2nd PG flight of 2020), waited out some strong cycles. First inflation I had to step sideways a bit and went to one knee, dropping the wing cleanly; later had a trickle of blood from the knee. The second inflation was square to the breeze and I ran off cleanly. Lift right there and I saw Nacho still at the bluffs. I climbed slowly while traversing and Nacho started climbing from below. Felt GREAT! Didn’t leave the strong lift (a modern first) and climbed on up to 3150′ with Nacho gaining. Parked and climbed a couple of times. I had the GoPro on, tucked near my thigh, at this time. Stopped it and flew out a little as Nacho soared past. Videos later.

    Brakes in one hand and dug out the selfie-stick with the other. It’s a loose wiggly coming-apart piece of shit; it was just a bonus in the GoPro kit. Drifted East messing with the gadget. Got it in my chest strap, kinda pointed forward, and flew west. Decided to go out over the flats and maybe soar a little before landing. Could see rain SW of Chino. Decided to land.

    Wide lift all around the LZ, of course. Did big ears and let them out slowly, symmetrically. Smooth. Pulled again tentatively and let them out asymmetrically and decided to never do that again. Good right-hand approach and SW final but a bit high and less headwind than I thought so landed near the PGs in the kiting area.

    Fun chatting in the LZ. Packing the wing wasn’t too much of a chore. Great enhanced hike to the 750 in the shady cool. Mark Boliaris was getting ready to fly (4 PM?) and there were two middle-aged spectator couples out walking. One guy lives near Crestline launch, asked about costs to learn to PG. Gave him info, encouragement, and an old High Adventure card with the club website on the back. Exuberant drive with loud music to the LZ, fun debriefing with Nacho (who’s learning to HG).

    I like flying!

    Me disliking the selfie-stick.
    Screenshot 2020-03-22 18.28.46

    Someone flying by. Jai-Paul?
    2020-03-22 16.17.20

    Mark Boliaris nearly ready to fly.
    2020-03-22 16.14.04

    The view from half-way up the trail.
    2020-03-22 16.03.50

    Ken Howells
    General Member

    Landing the paraglider is a bit different :) Very buoyant on final approach.

    Ken Howells
    General Member

    Nacho Peresson launching his paraglider from the 750 launch. He missed the first thermal but scratched down by the 350 for a long time. After I launched he got up from below me in the increasing wind and lift and went past me as I flew out front. Excellent narration.

    David Webb
    General Member

    Sweet landing – those 1mph super-light touchdowns are my favorite.

    Ken Howells
    General Member

    In-Flight Clips

    Here’s 3 minutes of scenes from my PG flight 3/22/2020.

    • Going straight up with Nacho climbing below.
    • Framing with the Hero 8 on crap selfie-stick (not made for action)
    • Getting distracted
    • Cam in chest strap finally
    • Lift by AJX
    • Waypoint Tone
    • Touchdown
    • The Pond

    Very fun and therapeutic.

    David Webb
    General Member

    Just noticed your double-carabiners on each side (haven’t seen that before) – is that webbing just to create a little extra distance between you and the wing?


    When using a tandem wing for flying solo (as in this case), the connection needs to be extended to account for the missing spreader bar webbing triangles for tandem setups. Otherwise the brake handles end up too low.

    Ken Howells
    General Member

    Yeah, I’m flying a small tandem wing. Michel showed me his extenders last year. Basically hang loops so I had WW make a pair and ordered a pair of biners. I’m still shocked what a difference it makes.

    Sure, the brake lines are long, but you can take wraps. What sold me on the extensions was having problems with my helmet interacting with the A, B, C, & D risers when I’d turn forward from a reverse inflation. Even worse with the helmet cam!

    It’s been smooth as silk since I installed the extensions.


    Love it! 😄 So cool to see pilots crossing over from one form of flying to another. It helps to understand the other side a little better. Wouldn’t mind someday trying hang gliding! For now I’ll keep the focus on PG. 😅

    Here’s Nacho making the cross-over:

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