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    Ken Howells
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    We did 5 rounds of test flights today, 750 & Regionals.  Sunny but a jacket was nice at launch; flew with gloves. Tight thermals, widely scattered early.  Good soaring mid-day,  Thermals coming from very slightly SSE. Wind picked up in the afternoon, cloud sheets filled-in. By 4 PM it was like a cloudy pre-pre-frontal winter day. Still had a nice little scratching flight off the 750 with an F4T.

    Lots of recreational pilots out in the afternoon, some PG instruction.  Good to see everyone and the activity and mood.



    Steve Pearson nailing the spot on the 1st round.


    Mike Meier threatening the spot minutes later.

    One of the Sport 3’s I flew from Regionals.

    A sweet F4 Tandem for a little face-climbing flight off the 750 at 4 PM.  I’d expected to sled right on down to the LZ.

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