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    When: Sunday, July 4th, 2021, 6:00PMish.

    Where: AJX/Cross Country Ranch Pond.

    Please join us for a BBQ up at the pond after flying on Sunday, July 4th, 2021! Beat the heat in the pond, enjoy some music and good company and watch the endless fireworks! 🎆

    This is a potluck style party. We don’t have a dedicated grill master, so plan to bring your own meat, or grilling items and drinks. Various members will be bringing some side dishes and desserts.

    The fun will start after flying, so probably around 6:00PM.

    Remember that you cannot drive up to the pond, but we will have Ranger shuttles going up and down regularly. Park at Andy Jackson Airpark and get a ride up, or walk up the dirt road to the pond.

    Looking forward to seeing you there and don’t forget your bathing suit! 👙🩳🤿



    i’ll be bringing cookies, cornhole, and kubb!


    word on the street is that sandy is bringing broccoli salad, wraps, and cake!



    I have the chips covered !

    Update: Just scheduled a new student Sat-Mon, so unable to attend the party so I can prepare for the next day’s early start. But the chips have been purchased and will be delivered, happy 4th of July! Soon I will be more (not completely) retired, and have a more predictable schedule. :-)Chips_All

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