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    Accident summary

    On March 7, afternoon, pilot launched from Crestline and then was blown back onto launch area, dragging him across the carpeted area, hitting his head on the ground while the event was happening.  Witness stated that the pilot turned opposite his planned direction from launch and then while correcting pulled too much brake, which allowed the wind to push him back onto the launch area.


    The recorded winds at Crestline were 10-15 mph south

    Emergency response 

    The pilot showed signs of confusion so the witness took him to a hospital to be checked out.




    None noted

    Pilot involved 

    The pilot had experience and ratings appropriate to launching from Crestline.  Pilot is a current member of USHPA and of CSS.  The pilot was wearing a helmet.

    Root cause

    Pilot did not control his wing while launching

    Proximate cause

    Pilot pulled more brake than was necessary while turned immediately after launch.

    Corrective action

    The witness for this event was the pilot’s advanced instructor.  The instructor has debriefed the pilot and advised him to work on his kiting techniques.  The instructor has also advised to consider in the future whether the pilot has the necessary recency of experience to handle the more challenging launch conditions at Crestline vs Marshall.  The pilot acknowledged his instructor’s advice and agreed with the recommendations.

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