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    John Benario
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    Accident Summary

    On February 7, afternoon, pilot attempted launching an Atos rigid wing from Regionals.  Witness states that the left wing started rising which caused the right wing tip to contact the ground.  The pilot was unable to lift the right tip off the ground and the launch motion caused the wing to ground loop.  The wing never became full airborne.



    The mid afternoon conditions at recorded at Marshall were 5 to 10 knots south and southeast through the afternoon.  The witness stated that at Regionals the wind was light at south and southwest.


    Emergency response






    Extensive, likely impractical to repair.

    Pilot involved

    The witness did not know his name, but stated that he is a long time HG pilot from the local area. Witness knew him to the extent that his experience and ratings were appropriate for the Atos.


    Root Cause

    Pilot did not control the wing during takeoff run

    Proximate Cause

    With no direct contact with the accident pilot, it is only conjecture, but based on this accident and another the same day, it is likely the pilot wasn’t cautious of the light and switching wind and did not run aggressively enough for the lighter than usual conditions.

    Corrective action

    During light conditions perform a personal brief to run aggressively



    John sums it up pretty well.

    63 year old 152lb “pilot” attempts light-wind launch on hastily reconfigured 90lb wing that had only been used for powered flight for a decade…    Knowledgeable witness said wing was unbalanced at launch.  I knew was it after the first step and the right side had no lift.  I didn’t or wasn’t able to abort or power through it.  It hit the first big bush and I came down pretty gently no injuries.


    Dan DeWeese
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    CSS Instructor

    Did the glider fare well? or farewell glider?

    Jonathan Dietch
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    Fare Thee Not-So Well. It appears to be A-Toast.

    2021-02-07 A-Toast

    Clark Frentzen
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    Should the owner be interested, my storage shed may have some of the parts to repair the glider .


    The old ATOSs make pretty good trike wings.

    Batteries are getting cheaper


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