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    David Webb
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    To all pilots: you MUST NOT perform acrobatics in the approach pattern. A week or so ago, I saw a PG pilot in a pod performing wing overs very low over the approach area (close to the road on the north side of the LZ). This was late in the day with crowded airspace and crowded LZ.

    This is clearly spelled out in the Site Guidelines: “Aerobatics are not allowed below 700 ft (AGL) or within 500 ft of any CSS launch.”

    Let’s take a practical approach to this instead of drumming up a debate about who you saw doing low acro or who swooped the LZ. Most of us have exceeded the speed limit on the freeway. You’re breaking the law either way, but there’s a difference between doing 80 at midnight on an empty freeway vs doing 80 during rush hour weaving through traffic. I don’t think most of us care if a pilot (provided they can do it safely) pulls a ground spiral at 9AM when there are no pilots around, but if you’re doing wing overs in a crowded pattern at 7PM on a Saturday, that’s going to cause issues. The rule is there for a reason.

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