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    The Topic of flying a GOAT glider was brought up in another thread, which prompted this posting.  As some or many of you know, I fly a lot of different wings or craft, but for the last several years have mostly been flying my Pilatus Sailplane at Elsinore.  I have a lot of  “toys” collecting dust, that I never seem to get around to flying and don’t really want to sell any right now but would certainly consider taking on a partner on one or more of the following:  a Brightstar Swift, a Super Floater, a doodlebug harness, a Gibbo 503/trike, a GOAT glider.  If anyone is also a licensed sailplane or power pilot, there is a long shot that I would consider taking on a partner(s) on one of a couple of sailplanes I have or maybe a Cessna 150.  I had a triple whammy of medical issues (No Trauma) over the last year that caused me to consider this.  All is good now and I hope to keep flying HG and sailplanes mostly, but it is a shame that a lot of these toys aren’t getting used much.  Thanks, Alan Coffield


    Hi Alan,

    I meet your qualifications and would be interested in a long shot on something. Give me a call or text at:

    nine five one five zero five twenty five fifty

    Tom Evans

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