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    Attention dog/pet owners!!! Please be aware that today, January 15th, a gopher exterminator will be working at the LZ and dropping poison pellets down gopher holes. We have a big gopher problem that has to be dealt with. Unfortunately there wasn’t a better, safer & more effective way to do it, so for the next two months keep a VERY close eye on your pets at the LZ to make sure they don’t find a dead gopher they want to chew on. Chances of that are pretty low, but it’s best to play it safe. Please tell your AJX flying friends with pets. If you see a visitor with a pet at AJX, please inform them of the dangers. Thank you!

    Dan DeWeese
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    Will the poison move up the food chain into raptors and coyotes?


    Good question, and one that is on my mind as well (hence the warning). We are told that the pellets work quickly and that most of the gophers will die underground, where they can’t be reached by most animals and raptors.

    However, I think it would be wise if we all did our due diligence to look around the LZ for possible dead gophers, so that we can dispose of them quickly and out of reach of animals. Since some of us can’t be at the LZ every day, it’s important that everyone pitch in and help if and when they can.

    Dan DeWeese
    General Member
    CSS Instructor

    Or dont even use the shit in the first place.


    If you know of a safer, affordable, more effective method, we’re all ears!


    I would rather have gophers than poison the environment.


    I would too, but this is an Airpark that’s leased from the state of California, it requires us to have site insurance, and site insurance has certain requirements in order to continue to provide coverage to us. Twisted ankles from landing or kiting into gopher holes is an issue.

    If we had more people volunteering to help keep the gopher population down in some more eco-friendly way, that would be amazing. Unfortunately, out of 300 members, we have but a handful of people doing everything around the park! We have a lot of idea people, but we need more doers.

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