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    My zipper gave out on the bag for my S2. Scott Smith gave me a couple of suggestions to give it new life. First he said run it through the washing machine on a cold cycle and let it air dry. Take pliers and give the zipper slide a slight crimp on each side (careful…. just a slight crimp or it won’t work). Lastly, apply Sailkote lubricant to the entire zipper.

    Well it worked pretty well and the zipper is zipping. Thanks Scott.

    Albert Sharp
    General Member

    Did you have any problem with overspray of the Sailkote onto the cloth?  I would assume even if there was, there would be no adverse affects since the product can also be applied to Boat Sails, but I always hate making assumptions.


    No, I’ve not noticed any problem with over spray from the Sailkote. I was warned that Sailkote smells bad, and it does, but if goes away quickly.

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