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    I’m looking for a basic Vario, that just does feet/min up, and down, and has a digital
    altimeter readout. My old Sentek that I bought from Mitch Mac.. in 1985, just got buried
    and it served me well for many years.
    I never use the sound on a verio, when flying Rogallo, or PG ; I do like it when
    flying the Atos, or Exxtacy though. I mostly like to know if I’m at legal altitude at the places
    that I fly ; so an altimeter is a must have.

    Can anyone recommend a Vario that will fit my needs ?

    Thanks : Bille

    Clark Frentzen
    General Member


    Several of us are flying with the Fairhaven Micro Alti. It has an adjustable vario and basic altimeters, works great.  Available through some PG retailers, xbay, or direct from https://www.altivario.com/ .


    Thanks Clark ; it looks Exactly like, what I’m looking for !! My only concern is can I see the altimeter display without using my reading glasses , because it looks kinda small ? I could see the display, on the Sentek.

    Good price on Ebay also ; $170.






    Thanks Joe ; I plan to get many years of service, from your vario !!!

    This Thread is Over Now ; Joe sold me his vario …



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