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    UPDATE: Gene’s BBQ has been postponed to April 24th, 2021 due to possible North winds this upcoming weekend.

    Party Time!!! 🥳 Come join us Saturday, April 24th 2021 at Andy Jackson Airpark for a day of flying fun & BBQ in remembrance of sweet, sweet Buster. 🐕💔 We will also be celebrating all your April birthdays! Gene will be providing meaty BBQ, homemade beans, coleslaw, potato salad, and you bring drinks (or whatever else) of your choice. The party will start in the afternoon so that you get your flying in and enjoy food & drinks after landing.

    If you’d like to bring something to the party, please post here to let us know what it is, so we don’t bring too much of one thing. Hope to see you there! 😎



    FYI: BBQ postponed to April 24th, 2021 due to possible North winds this weekend!


    Great turnout for a day of flying and BBQ. Some 50 plus pilots, friends and family out for the day.

    Thank you Gene and Nichole and all the volunteers who helped prepare and serve some fine food and desert.

    We were also treated to some Great “Sandy Van cake” for the celebration.

    Pilot reports of spring like conditions with cool temps above 5K.  Choppy at times, early on to smoother air later in the day. Some getting to 5-6 K throughout the day, with nice cumulus clouds forming till after 6:30 pm.

    Lots of student pilots getting in 2-3 flights throughout the day, with a nice late day glass off .


    Fly Safe!




    Thank you for the amazing food, Gene & Sandy, and thank you to Kathy, Mary, Heather and Dave for helping out & serving us! We had a great time. 🙌🏻❤️


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