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    Ken Howells
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    Didn’t manage to get it up this afternoon from the 750. 6-minute sledder and the funny thing is that I accidentally put the Hero8 in time-lapse mode or something before launch.
    Many people out flying in the great weather. Those up high were staying up.

    I watched this real small, portrait mode on my phone, and it seemed much smoother and more comprehensible than on the big monitor.


    At the 750 with interesting clouds.

    2020-05-09 15.08.19


    Blooming yucca near the 750 trail.

    2020-05-09 16.26.09



    Came across some old topos of the AJX area the other day ad found this inside.

    2020-05-08 08.46.53


    Nice time lapse & pics! That topography map with a black widow(?) makes me think of some Indiana Jones adventure flick. 😄

    I launched at 5:39 from Marshall (kind of late) and couldn’t stay up longer than 35 minutes. Oh well! Still nice to get a flight in though. 😊

    David Webb
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    I was caught by surveillance trying to exit the scene.



    Nice! Lol.

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