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    Bille Floyd
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    Didn’t see it coming ; but I went and got Married !!!


    Screenshot 2021-10-24 at 5.14.09 PM



    Well done Bille !

    Does she drive you to launch ?

    Mark Hoffmann
    General Member

    Bille >> Congratulations !!!!

    Bille Floyd
    General Member

    Jerome wrote :

    “Does she drive you to launch ?”


    She flies GA aircraft, and gyros .

    After Rebar-Dan took her tandem a few weeks ago ;

    she made it Really clear : she will be doing a LOT of gliding.

    SO  NO driving , in That woman’s future !!






    She’s a keeper Bille.  :-)  Thanks for sharing your happiness, it is contagious.


    Congrats and many happy flights to you two!!

    Jonathan Dietch
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    Mazel Tov! 

    Clark Frentzen
    General Member

    Congratulations Bille!

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