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    “Best” is subjective, and pokes fun at the idea that there can be a single best item for everyone.
    But I am nearing completion of a Comparison table for low drag (long tail) harnesses as of 2022, so I share now.

    It is taking me more time than expected to complete, as to fill each row of data, I have to read the corresponding website, user manual, related videos, ask some owners and manufacturers.
    Hopefully this will be helpful to others. It is probably harder to choose a harness than a wing, with so many factors including personal comfort and feature preferences.
    Send your edits by Email.

    If you are considering a harness (or anything else) for yourself, I will be glad to help you get a discount for any brand or model, just ask by Email.

    Good flights, Jerome

    David Webb
    General Member

    Great comparison, Jérôme. Nice to have all of that data in one place to drool over thinking about potential future purchases. :)


    I’m keeping an eye on news about the Forza 2, and will incorporate it when it becomes available.
    Maybe the Forza‘s tail will grow.


    New models added to the comparison table, including the promising Niviuk Arrow.

    With the rainy season ahead, maybe you need an Ozone Submarine Ozone_Submarine

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