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    David Webb
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    I’m a fan of dogs, but had a bad day yesterday due to an inconsiderate owner. I was on the 750 setting up, and a man on a bicycle (blasting music on a speaker) rode up with his dog off-leash. Before I could even open my mouth to shoo the dog away, he was on my wing. Result of that was 2 small toenail-size holes up near my leading edge. I managed not to scream at the owner, but I was pretty pissed. He offered to pay for any damage, but the deed was done.

    Most of the dogs (and dog owners) I’ve met around the area have been pretty well-behaved, but word to the wise: be vigilant about animals around your gear.


    Ugh!! That sucks! I had something similar happen to me in a local grass field. I was kiting my then brand new wing, when a dude and his unleashed giant poodle-looking dog came up. The dog started running through my lines, got tangled, panicked, and could have easily torn the glider. The dumbdumb just watched his dog and I struggling, instead of immediately grabbing him and getting the heck outta there. He was apologetic, but how about instead of watching, you come take control of your panicked animal? Clearly it hasn’t been trained to behave off-leash. By now our dogs know better than to get near gear, but you never know what to expect with strangers. :-/

    David Webb
    General Member

    Saga continues – after a great day of flying yesterday, a spectator in the LZ had their dog off-leash and as I was folding up, I looked over and the dog was sitting on my wing. Owner didn’t seem too concerned about it, and I was lucky this time that I didn’t have new holes.

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