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    David Webb
    General Member

    Amidst the COVID scare, this happened (yesterday):


    The gist is he flew from Santa Barbara to almost the Cajon Pass – 6:50 flight time and a 185 km route (272 km tracklog length). Pretty amazing.

    Ken Howells
    General Member

    Nice! There have been a few flights from Santa Barbara to AJX that I know of.  One was a rigid wing. I saw two HG’s land at AJX during a fly-in after launching Santa Barbara.

    Zac Majors
    General Member

    Ken, I’ve never heard about pilots making it to AJX from Santa Barbara. When I lived there the record was just over 100 miles (it was a big deal when I flew 85).  Maybe I missed it, or maybe it was actually from Pine Mountain (often considered a SB site).

    Anyway, I’m super jealous and inspired by Logan’s flight!

    Hell of a flight Logan!

    Dan DeWeese
    General Member
    CSS Instructor

    THe flights to AJX were probably from Pine Mtn. aka Reyes Peak NE of SBarbara. Flights much past the 5 are rare, in that the days are short and cloudbase is usually low when the conditions set up~ Post frontal and cold.  Nice track Logan.

    David Webb
    General Member

    I don’t know anything about SB sites, but the xccontest page said the launch was “Skyport”.

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