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    Radios and holders for sale.  <– Click the link for details.

    Now that I have finalized a new personal radio setup, I can sell the other ones I had.

    They are used and work well.


    H Jerome,

    Is the Baofeng UV-B5 reliable and acceptable for flying at Torrey? If so I’ll buy the other one you have for sale. I see you’re on the shuttle this Wed as well as me, so if it the answer to the above is yes and you still have it for sale, I’ll bring cash.



    Hi Tom, I’m answering here (I don’t have your Email address), but please continue our conversation by Email: My contact.

    I have been using those UV-B5 continuously for students since 2015, so they have been reliable. I cannot think of  a reason why they would stop working as you get closer to Torrey. I just noticed that I have spare/extra batteries for all the UV-B5’s (and the VX-6R), so all buyers get those bonus items.

    I am reserving one UV-B5 for you. Do  you want a holder for $5 more (grand total of $15)? It sounds like I’m pushing fries at a fast-food restaurant. I will have it with me when going flying, and there is a fair chance I will be at Marshall this Wednesday as you noticed from the shuttle list.


    For Tom… Tomorrow (Wednesday) looks good enough for flying and I will be at AJX (Marshall LZ) before 11:30 am. I will bring your radio.

    Manochehr Sadri
    General Member


    Let me know if someone does not come through as I need a radio



    Hi Manoch, I have this queue in desire of left-overs: Oleg, Bo, yourself. I will let you guys know.


    Everything sold.

    Happy transmissions !

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