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    We are working to resolve issues and will let you know when camping is available again.

    Bille Floyd
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    What happened ?


    Bille Floyd
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    Apparently , the commoners are not allowed to ask ! LOL



    Our lease prohibits camping. The lease can be found in the club library, if anyone would like to read it. You have to be logged in to have access to the club library: DWR Lease Docs

    The last communication this club has had (with one of the DWR people currently in charge, something that changes every five years or so) in regard to camping, stated that camping was not allowed. Therefore we cannot have any official club-endorsed camping at this time.

    Although over the years the DWR has been very lenient with us (since we’re such well-behaved lease holders), part of the CSS board’s position is that it’s not worth risking our very inexpensive lease in exchange for camping revenue. -Officially- we should not be encouraging overnight parking at AJX.

    John Benario
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    While I am sure it is disappointing to the campers to be told to pack up, it looks like our new board is actually acting in the best interests of the club.  Thanks to Ed, Jana, and the other board members for their attention to detail.



    We still want to explore camping options, but first we need to reach out to DWR and make it very clear to them that we do not want public camping in the traditional sense, rather a CSS club members only type of overnight camping. We will let everyone know how that works out, if & when it does.

    Jerome Daoust
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    Thank you for being responsible to ensure the future use of the LZ…

    1. Interrupting camping since not supported by the DWR lease, despite disappointing some.
    2. Trying to reach a proper arrangement with the DWR.

    Is camping at ajax allowed now?


    Camping at AJX is not allowed at this time. We are still working with the DWR on reinstating it for CSS member pilots only, but unfortunately as of right now there is no news of it re-opening anytime soon. No idea if it will ever be available. It depends on whether or not the DWR will agree to let us bring it back someday.

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