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    Bob Pobocik
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    I see there’s about three guys camped out on Crestline are these some local pilots?image.cgi-11

    Jonathan Dietch
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    An out of state HG truck was pulling in this afternoon as I was pulling out. Perhaps these are the same group? IDK.


    I don’t think these guys are pilots. They’ve been drinking hard liquor since 8:00AM this morning (I’m talking big glass bottles) and they have been asked to leave. Unfortunately they’re not in any kind of hurry to pack up and are still up there partying on. There’s beer cans all around. Not cool.

    I’m not one to call the cops on overnight campers, especially if they keep the site clean, but that’s not the case here. I called the sheriffs office early this morning to have someone go up there and check them out, but so far no progress.

    Even if they were visiting pilots, they are not being respectful of our site, and what plans could you possibly have for the rest of the day if you start off with that much alcohol on a weekday morning? 🤷🏼‍♀️

    Dan DeWeese
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    CSS Instructor

    Looks like someone summoned the fuzz.popo3

    David Webb
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    Also looks like the ground summoned forth whatever he had been consuming:



    It isn’t allowed to camp in any random Federal park area, I don’t think.  Should the Park Rangers for SB National Forest be called?



    Tim Ward
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    It’s legal to camp on NF land, but has to be either a campground, or 200 ft from the road.

    So, not on launch.


    Camping and partying if not dealt with will lead to further decline.  Lake Elsinore the rocks have all been graffitied over.  Beer cans, trash and litter  left for the pilots to remove.   Toilet paper,diapers and the like.  National Forest Service land , but they cant deal with it.   One of our pilots recently confronted a grafitti artist and escaped fearing for his health.   I took out a trash can of debris the last visit.  I carry bags with me to insure some level of tidyness.   Shell casings at launch to reflect someone has been entertaining themselves.  Homeless setup communities in the LZ forcing the land owner to close the entry points.  Just saying you all need to band together to keep your site from being polluted.


    Update: Looks like they’re finally gone.


    It’s now the 5th of April and they’re still there. We seriously need to do something. We cannot allow our launch site to turn into a tweaker camp. I’ve tried to do my part, but looks like it’s time for better ideas, or for more people to call on whoever has the power to remove them. As much as I’d love to confront them, I’m not exactly intimidating and I don’t wanna get shanked.

    Bob Pobocik
    General Member

    <p>Cl no tent</p>

    Bob Pobocik
    General Member

    The campers have moved on!

    Jonathan Dietch
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    There’s an online communication form for the next time this happens and it probably will given the difficulties for multitudes who live in SoCal: https://www.fs.usda.gov/contactus/sbnf/about-forest/contactus


    Next time, I suspect the local authorities might take more action if the nearby home owners are the ones making the complaint.  I suppose it could also be counter productive getting nearby homeowners involved unless there is good communication that the “offending” campers have nothing to do with our hang gliding club or site.

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