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    David Webb
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    Friendly suggestion about carpet (or other) on Marshall: if it’s not aggressively anchored down to the ground with both adhesive and long anchors (and lots of them), it will eventually (likely quickly) be trash in the wind. Had some (I assume well-meaning) pilots up at launch yesterday with some carpet and they didn’t plan on retrieving it after their flight. Had a chat about it, but don’t know the outcome since I didn’t return to launch after my flight.

    Crestline is somewhat protected from at least one direction (from the north) by the trees, and even up there, that carpet only stays put from extreme measures (lotsa nails, lotsa glue). In contrast, Marshall gets blasted from all directions by strong wind. Here’s an excerpt from the NWS discussion for the next few days:

    Gusty west winds for the mountains and deserts will strengthen into the weekend. The strongest winds are expected for Saturday night with the stronger gusts to 70 to 80 mph. NBM has the strongest winds around midnight Saturday night. Local regression equations for selected locations from NBM wind output have gusts to around 75 mph for Sill Hill in the San Diego County mountains and around 100 mph for Marshall Peak in the San Bernardino Mountains. NBM has trended stronger with the winds over the past 24 hours.

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