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    Club LZ Volunteers Needed

    We enjoy arguably the best flying site in the country, and it’s getting better.

    The fabulous clubhouse is moving along, and there’s new landscaping in the parking lot and lower LZ. Camping improvements and more exciting amenities are coming.

    The grass at the Club LZ needs love and frequent attention.
    Tim is only one man and can’t do it alone.

    Could you volunteer some of your time to keep the grass lush in 2023 and make our club a gorgeous place to hang out and a beautiful place for new pilots to step into the air?

    Please let me know how much time you can devote.

    David Webb
    General Member

    Kudos to those that donated sweat to the parking lot and bailout area. Parking lot is smoother than I’ve ever seen it and the bailout is downright luxurious.



    Tim Ward
    General Member

    That would be Gene Embre.

    Bille Floyd
    General Member

    Gene does an incredible amount of work for our club ; I don’t

    think he is thanked or respected , nearly as much as he should be.



    Mark Hoffmann
    General Member

    Thanks Gene & other.  there was another truck with a flatbed trailer & tractor of some sort out there pushing dirt around also. Thanks..

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