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    All bought new in Summer 2019.

    Ozone Buzz Z6 Size MS (75-95kg) – 35 hours flight time – $2500

    Ozone Concertina Bag – Like New – $60

    Woody Valley Wani 2 Reversible Harness Size L – One small elastic missing on  rucksack – $550

    Woody Valley Lightshield Back Protection – Like New – $40

    Independence Annular EVO Reserve Parachute Size 22 – Never deployed, needs to be repacked – $450

    Audio-Only Vario – Free

    Baofeng UV 5R Radio – Free



    Albert Sharp
    General Member

    I don’t see any responses yet.  I would be interested in the Concertina bag, Vario, & Radio.

    Please contact me by phone or email.  Nine O nine area code 646-oh327 contactasharp at gmail

    Thank you Dylan.


    The wing is in the concertina bag so I won’t sell that separately. I will take the post down soon if there is no interest in the wing.

    Albert Sharp
    General Member

    Thank you for the reply here.  If you decide to separate the wing and concertina bag I am still interested.  Have the Radio and Vario already been spoken for then?

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