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    David Webb
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    Looking for concertina bag recommendations. I have a Phi Symphonia (Small / 20). I’m actually happy with my current packing situation (the regular book fold method, as the manufacturer doesn’t require special packing), but considering switching after weighing the below:

    Pros on current method:

    • It’s stupid simple (I like minimizing fuss on launch and landing)
    • Since the wing is fully laid out when packing up, it’s easy to get a good visual on the whole wing and lines
    • No extra bags or straps required (less weight and less to fuss with)

    Pros on switching:

    • Easier on launch and landing if there’s wind (easier to fold up if it’s windy since you don’t have to spread it completely out and on launch, just the leading edge can be expanded out)
    • Possible added longevity on the leading edge ribs (I’m skeptical on this one, but a lot of the other manufacturers demand it)
    • Ensures that the wing isn’t folded the same way every time (again, not super worried about this one either)
    • Seems like some of the bags allow you to do most of the folding/packup on top of the bag which would keep the wing cleaner (definite positive)

    Looking for a concertina bag that would meet all of these:

    • Open ended (I like to leave my wing attached)
    • Light weight (I hike with my gear pretty often)
    • Would be nice if the straps were part of the bag (less things to keep track of)

    Don’t know if you saw mine, but I have the Ozone light-weight clip version (vs. zipper). It makes my packing life 100% easier, keeps the glider neat when stowed away, and opening it up on launch is no problem. I think the zippers are more prone to break, more expensive, plus there’s the added danger of accidentally getting the glider caught in the zipper. 😓



    David Webb
    General Member


    Been doing a lot of Googling since posting – that one is definitely in the running. I think I agree on leaning towards clips vs zips.

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