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    To all members who have gliders and/or other equipment in storage;

    We will conduct a Container Clean-Out and Audit of storage spaces on Saturday 15 July 2023 starting at 9am with containers 1 & 2.  Sunday 16 July will be a back-up day and/or continue with 3 & 4 if we can’t finish on Saturday.

    I would encourage all members who have gliders in storage to attend and volunteer for the work.  The intent is to clean out all the dust and gravel that accumulates from normal use but also generally clean up anything else that doesn’t belong (mice issues, etc.).  We will also be auditing the storage situation based on the info posted on the CSS website, so be sure your storage dues are up to date if you haven’t already.

    I will bringing a 100 foot extension cord, a shop vac, and some other small tools as required.  I would ask for volunteers to bring maybe a couple more shop vacs, an additional 100 extension cord or possibly a small small generator.  It would also be nice to have an air-compressor to blow down the dust inside the containers.  If there is anything else you can think of please don’t hesitate to suggest or just bring it.

    Thanks – Luke (Site Coordinator)

    Tim Ward
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    The club has a generator in the Gator container.


    i have found that respiratory masks and a leaf blower work well for this job.


    Allo,  I was not available for next Saturday’s (7-15-23)  Connex/Glider storage clean up, so I made it out there today to pick up what I thought were 3 HG that I had stored there.  Turns out I could only find two.  I thought I had an older Spectrum 165 stored there as well, which I did not find.  It is possible that I have it stored elsewhere.  I left my storage spots empty for now so if anyone comes across a WW Spectrum 165 that is on the wrong shelf please place it on my spot.  Top, Front, Right shelf in Connex #1.  My Spectrum 165 should be in a standard WW bag with my name (Coffield) or initials (ABC) written on one or both ends.   Checked all four Connex containers and did not see it.  I will still try to make it out next weekend.  Thanks, Alan Coffield


    Bump… If you are reading this forum post, please plan on helping out this Saturday morning!


    How did the container clean up and “audit” go?  Were there any HG that did not correspond to the right location and or that could not be matched to an owner or space renter?  Thanks, Alan Coffield

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