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    David Webb
    General Member

    Hats (and hoods) off to Dan and Stan for playing on the monkey bars this morning and installing the new Crestline weather station. Much appreciated.



    Great news! Thanks, guys.

    Jerome Daoust
    General Member

    Big thanks Stan & Dan. The more data points the better.


    Yes! So nice seeing the Crestline weather graphed again! Thanks for everyone’s efforts!

    The crows approve too.


    Is there a specific link for Holfuy?


    David Webb
    General Member

    Ken, that crow may approve but I don’t think this bird does. It appears to be mooning C861C011-0D9D-4364-95E9-7B4C924325B5

    Dan DeWeese
    CSS Instructor

    Those woodpeckers fill every open hole with acorns. Theres a 2 inch conduit running vertically the length of the tower. Airsites Bill mentioned new wires couldnt be passed through due to them so we decided to shake it out. Hundreds of acorns came out of the thing once we got them started falling out. After big rain years the number and size of the acorns is amazing. I can only guess the woodpeckers find themselves in a heaven where the streets are paved with acorns and all they have to do is find a place to put the things.AliBaba

    David Webb
    General Member

    Time to pay the woodpeckers a visit. I’m guessing the latest round of ice buildup, which has now melted, broke our shiny new anemometer.




    Hopefully it’s just a broken boom.

    David Webb
    General Member

    Yep – it’s still sending direction data. Appears only the arm is broken. Cups aren’t spinning because they’re resting against the tower.


    Looks like the cups have broken off.


    Dan DeWeese
    CSS Instructor

    Climbed up to see if I could gerry rig the thing to find the cup shaft broke off.

    she dead.  The PTZ is having trouble focusing too. adderal?

    Jerome Daoust
    General Member

    After a few weeks down, the Crestline PTZ live cam is back up. I believe Dan has been working at it, thank you!


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