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    May 2023 board meeting minutes now available in the club library. You have to be logged in to view them.

    May 2023 CSS Board Meeting Minutes


    David Webb
    General Member

    My 2 cents regarding the discussion topic of bringing back the cash box and why I think that’s not a good idea:

    The primary reason presented to me when we redid the website was to get a handle on HG storage ownership and our membership roster (who’s current and who’s not). If it’s all electronic like it is now, the record of all that is always up to date and real-time. Going back to partially electronic and partially paper/cash puts an end to that. Especially since I see that there’s also discussion of bringing on site monitor or security volunteers (no argument here on that) – their job would be impossible as they’d have no reliable way to verify someone if they paid in cash and the directory not updated.

    We have consistently over 300 general members, plus quite a few temporaries, and 99% of those have zero issues signing up or renewing with no instruction, coaching, or additional help. Less than half a dozen per year ask for assistance or make an oopsie while paying (bad card number, mistyped, brain fart, whatever) and those are quickly resolved. As far as speed goes, I’ve renewed the last couple of years literally in less time than it takes to wash my hands – takes only as long as it takes to type my card number and expiration date (if you use a password manager, you’d be done in even less time since it would take a click or maybe 2). We’ve all learned how to fly aircraft, so buying something online should be a snap in comparison.

    The cash box would also mean the treasurer is back to making bank runs to deposit cash – if Jeff enjoys that then more power to him (I don’t love going to the bank, but maybe that’s weird).

    Since we have a waiver that has to be acknowledged before signing up, even if that’s submitted with the cash payment – is that really going to be stored in a file cabinet somewhere? Seems impractical. If it’s electronic, that stuff is backed up and no one has to wonder where it is.

    Unrelated to the cash box – a suggestion to put the word out or maybe a sign or something to keep the (super nice) turf packing area clear for people to pack up their gear. It seems that it’s become a nice place to park chairs on to watch people land, which I get (good view of the LZ from there), but that also limits its usefulness for its intended purpose. Just moving the chairs just off the edge of the turf is enough and would still offer great views.

    Thanks for the meeting updates.

    Tom Swanson
    General Member

    Who is Darren Dix that is listed on the ride page?

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    Darren is a local pilot. I let him know that he needs to renew his USHPA ASAP. He’s good on CSS membership until tomorrow, but I reminded him to renew that as well.

    Tom Swanson
    General Member

    Great. I never like being a whistle-blower, but when someone that contributes so much of his own time and money to the development of the park and ranch gets removed from the ride page because of some petty indifferences I start asking why. This brings up another subject, why hasn’t the club shown their gratitude and paid his membership fees? What a small price to pay for such a valuable asset. It’s time to put his name back on the page, and maybe thank him once in a while.

    Gene Embre

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    There is no pettiness involved in this temporary decision. Simply-put, Gene just needed to get current on his club membership. Now that he’s current, his phone number will be put back on the rides page.

    Sandy has been paying her CSS club membership all these years, even though she is not a pilot. Dale has been paying his membership, even though he barely ever flies anymore (though he is hoping to get back into it soon). She volunteers her time, money & effort frequently without complaint, and that is why her number remains on the rides page.

    There are many other volunteers who also pay their memberships, not expecting anything in return.

    I hope everyone here knows that the club membership funds go right back into site maintenance, not into anyone’s pocket. That includes gas and maintenance for the tractor(?) “Gracie”.

    Let’s all make sure that we stay current with our USHPA and CSS club memberships, and don’t forget to update your profiles with your correct USHPA numbers, so they don’t appear in red in the current members list, looking expired.

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