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    The CSS Board election results are in. You’ll find screenshots of the final vote count below.

    President: Ed Wiggins

    Vice President: Jana Pivkova

    Secretary: Jamie Shelden

    Safety Director: Thomas Evans – to be replaced by CSS board appointment due to health-related reasons. We hope to find someone experienced, knowledgeable & dedicated to help us fill this role.

    Treasurer: Jeff Bether

    Site Director: Luke Berger

    Events Director: Kathy Rhodes

    Communications Director: Nate Hallahan

    Congrats to our new Events & Communications directors! Looking forward to working with you both. 🎊🙌🏻




    Congratulations to all newly elected board members ! Nice to see continuity.

    Kathy is great fit for events, welcome back.


    Thank you to those who voted for me in the safety officer position. I wish I could fulfill the role, however a shoulder injury I incurred last year has left me very limited in my physical capabilities. Simply raising my hand over my head is difficult and controlling a hang glider would be impossible at this time. I am making progress and perhaps will be able to return to this sport I dearly love in the future, but in the meantime, my lack of participation and distance from AJX makes me a poor choice to serve in this important role.

    I would urge experienced club members who love the sport, have time to devote to the club, and exemplify a strong attitude towards safety make themselves known to the BOD.

    All the best,

    Tom Evans

    Bille Floyd
    General Member

    @ Tom

    Do you know Floyd , (he builds and fly’s the Goat) ? Ask him to borrow one for a while ; then you could continue to fly and be the safety director. I’m certain members would help you put it together, and dissemble it for each flight.


    Tim Ward
    General Member

    While I appreciate the vote for Site Director, I’d like for people who don’t pay much attention to know that I was the one who recruited Luke for the role.


    Thanks Bille for the suggestion about the “GOAT.” I’m very interested if you could help put me in contact with Floyd. Text me at nine five one five zero five twentyfive fifty.




    Hello Tom, or anyone else interested in “air chair” style gliders like the GOAT.  Floyd Fronius sold his Red Goat glider a while back, and was planing to build another one.  I don’t know if he has done that yet.  Tom, I will text you his email address.  There are a couple of CSS members that along with me, own a Super Floater glider that we keep at AJX.  I also have my own Super Floater as well as a GOAT glider, and we have a partially restored BUG air chair glider.  We have not been flying them much lately and I have only flown mine recently (well not that recently) at Crestline, for fly-ins, and at Torrey pines as they are better suited for ridge lift type of days, although we have, and you can, winch launch and aero tow them.  I believe we could take on a new partner or two on the Super Floater at AJX and it would be great to have some “new blood” which would hopefully motivate the 4 of us to fly them more.  Alan Coffield

    Bille Floyd
    General Member

    @ Tom

    That Goat suggestion , came together Fast ! Can you consider staying on as safety officer for CSS now ? Your a Great guy, and CSS kinda needs you …



    Thanks Bille for Floyd’s contact info. Had a long talk and he was very encouraging about the GOAT.

    Thanks Alan for your post and info on the Super Floater at AJX. Please send me a text and let’s talk further.


    Artie Roggeband
    General Member

    With 60-70 votes counted, what turnout percentage does that give and how is the split between HG or PG?


    The vote information you see above is what we have. There are many more PGs in our club than HGs, but whether the PGs are as active during voting as HGs, is a guess for anyone to make. All votes are anonymous, so there’s no way to go back and see how any particular pilot voted.

    Artie Roggeband
    General Member

    For a turnout percentage, we need to divide the votes counted roughly by the current member count.

    Yes, the Society is a PG club based on the ratio you indicate, however, it may be another point of discussion whether these PG members feel that way.

    Artie Roggeband
    General Member

    When is the next board meeting and what is the process of suggesting admgenda items?

    Thomas May
    General Member

    For a turnout percentage, we need to divide the votes counted roughly by the current member count.

    You can go to the membership directory and count the number of current members.


    Here’s how it works: When the election begins, every current “General” member receives a ballot in the e-mail they chose when they signed up to be a member. Whether they vote or not is up to them. The “Limited” and “Associate” members do not get a vote.

    We have approximately 300 club members and only so many chose to vote. We can’t force anyone to participate. Those who care about what’s going on, they voted. We had about 30 days to vote and I posted reminders of the vote coming to an end soon.

    We will announce the General member meeting via e-mail and on the forum when the time comes, so that everyone who wishes to participate, is able to. You do not have to wait for the meeting to suggest agenda items. In fact if there is something you want to suggest for the next meeting, you may do so now and we may be able to include it on the agenda for the upcoming meeting.

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