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    If you weren’t able to make the CSS Board meeting, I did take a video. You can watch it at this link: CSS Board Meeting, March 18th, 2023

    Let me know if you have any problems viewing it. The playback image quality should improve in a few hours when the video is finally finished processing.

    Mario Miralles
    General Member

    Thanks for doing this Jana!

    I thought it was a very productive meeting and a great flying day that only emphasized how lucky we are to have this place to fly.
    Thanks to all the hard work of the many volunteers that have made this place what it is today, along with the fortunate relationship with the CCR that adds so much value to this oasis. Our freedom to fly here is and will always be threatened, whether by encroaching developments, bad decisions within or a number of other factors.
    I started flying 50 years ago and hope to still be flying for at least another 30, so I don’t need to see this place gone to know what I’ve/we’ve got.

    Jonathan Dietch
    General Member

    Thanks for taking and posting video Jana.
    It would be better if they were posted to YouTube.
    Google Photos is a very poor video hosting service and they take forever to load.


    OK, now the video is available on YouTube. Took forever to upload. 😅


    Thanks for showing up! We all love this place and want to keep it going. I think that sometimes we just get a bit stuck on one solution, and maybe that’s not the right one. That’s why it’s important to talk about it with everyone before making a rash decision.

    David Hards
    General Member

    Thank you Jana

    I find it funny that Jai Pal tells Mitch he can’t speak because he’s not a member but allows Gene to speak who’s not a member….




    Thanks for posting the video Jana ; it was nice of you to take the time in doing so !!!!

    As was mentioned ; the ranch was originally developed to help secure a better approach to the LZ  .

    Here is a proposal I’d like to make to All CSS members ; both PG and HG pilots :

    Your next 5 landings , into the LZ ; pretend there are 20′ palm trees surrounding the entire perimeter of the current Ranch property , and Do Not use the ranch property for your approach  . A pilot will immediately notice just how important the ranch property is ; for making a safe  approach into the current LZ.

    I fly both PG and Rigid wings , and  the Rigid wing can be made to loose altitude at a much steeper and safer decent rate, than any Rogallo wing on the market ; so I am confident that me and my wing can and will land without using the ranch as an approach. The PG’s on a heavy day of traffic ; you are in trouble , without the ranch property available for your approach.


    Just saying : Bille Floyd


    No problem! Now everyone can feel like they were there. 😄

    PGs could practically land anywhere if they’re skilled enough, but HGs have more speed and sometimes require more runway. It’s harder for them to go to plan B during the last stretch. Of course there are other considerations for keeping the ranch as part of the LZ that have little to do with the landing part.

    If anyone were to ask me what side I’m on, personally I just want to see this flying site preserved for decades to come. If I get the feeling that something, or someone is threatening its existence, I want to know how to stop it. The only way to figure that out is by putting all of our heads together and start brainstorming & getting the facts straight.

    If we’re going to make big decisions, we need to understand all the possible consequences and have a back-up plan already in place to remedy any problems we might encounter as a result. Saying “Don’t worry! Everything will be fine! We’ll figure it out afterwards!” is not what I would call a solid back-up plan. 🤷‍♀️ If there is one in place, I’m not clear on those details. Where can I see it, or read about it?


    Jana said :

    PGs could practically land anywhere if they’re skilled enough

    Yes , your are correct ; but less than 1/2 , of the PG pilots , and less than 30% HG pilots , in this club , (from what I see)  could make a safe approach into the landing aria , without the use of the ranch property ; (especially if there are more than two pilots in the pattern at once.




    Corey Gemme
    General Member

    I still don’t know exactly what consists of the ranch property. Is there anybody who could take a red virtual pencil on Google Maps, and outline the area that is considered ranch property?

    Also, would it be realistic at all to think that the ranch property could be purchased by CSS maybe with the help of USHPA if it ever went up for sale?
    Of course, that would be assuming we are confident that the county or State, or whoever owns the rest of the property, lets us continue to gave access. Would it ever be possible to get some sort of a guarantee for at least a certain amount of time, or let us purchase that bit of land? And assuming likely that the USHPA would assist.


    XC Ranch:


    AJX + XC Ranch:



    @ Jana :

    THANKS for posting  That !!

    Look at the block in the upper Right hand corner of my screen-shot ( the lower training hill) ; It does not belong to CSS, and if the new owners decide to limit our use of their land for an approach , (which they Can) the HG pilots are in Serious trouble !! I can hit the CSS owned land with my Rigid , (just need to add a speed break) ; I suspect most HG pilots could Not.

    Now look at the block of land owned by the Ranch , in the upper Left side of my screen-shot ; without that aria to use as an approach to landing , a lot of PG pilots will be in trouble , (especially if there are more than person on approach).


    Think twice people , before you decide to give up relations with the ranch ; it will affect most or the  pilots in this club !!





    Bille Floyd

    Screenshot 2023-03-21 2.22.00 PM

    Jonathan Dietch
    General Member

    The green area is all that we lease. I have a copy of the lease. The yellow area belongs to the State of CA and is not part of our lease. I can’t see the state minding if we use the entire parcel of land. A hostile neighbor on the other hand could take exception. It’s important that we get along with our neighbors especially the ones we share the skies and LZ with. The more divided the club, the weaker we become.

    LZ Leased

    Mario Miralles
    General Member

    As I understand it, the lot where the  training hill is belongs to the University….. I’d like to know about that agreement too.
    Let’s not screw the relationship between our leased land and the ranch or any other neighbors.

    After attending the meeting, it was clear to me that many on our current board do not have our future in mind. It is time for a big change and transparency to make wise decisions.

    Thanks JD and Luke in  particular for pulling up facts that this board should have figured out long ago.

    Jonathan Dietch
    General Member

    The training hill is on land owned by:
    Encore University Hills, LLC, a Delaware Corporation. It was formed in 2021.
    You would have to speak with their California or Delaware agents to learn anything further.

    Encore 2

    Encore University Hills, LLC CA_Page_1

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