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    It would be best for members and the club, if board members are focused on helping the club, and not distracted by their personal interests. Here and other clubs, I have witnessed some board members occupy positions to protect themselves, improve their situation, help a friend, but not benefiting much the club during their term. Don’t try to guess names, it isn’t productive. I have also witnessed some business owners fulfill their club role well, so it is not  impossible, but best to avoid uncertainties. From past events, I’m sure some schools would feel better, if another school did not have a position of authority over them. I do not believe the argument that, there are so few volunteers that we must rely on businesses/schools to be on the board.

    I propose that our elected club board members, conduct no significant business (rides OK) at the site. There is nothing to prevent friends of business people to run for a board position, but at least there would be a level of separation.

    Everyone has qualities and things they can improve upon, let’s just match the people with the best motivations to the corresponding roles.


    David Webb
    General Member

    Agree completely. I think reducing conflicts of interest would be best for all involved (businesses, members, students, and visitors).

    Linda Salamone
    General Member

    May I suggest we also have a site monitor (Lua was the last one we had) to boost club revenue and prevent any misunderstandings or gaps in information/expectations/landing protocols? I can even suggest one non pilot who might be willing to be of use instead of just hanging around.


    That’s a good complementary idea Linda.

    With respect to the main proposal, a relevant posting by Mario Miralles: “… a good argument of whether people running businesses at AJX should be able to hold a position. As much as I like those running their schools here and think that some have and would make great directors, there is a potential of conflict of interest.

    Dan DeWeese
    General Member
    CSS Instructor

    Wouldnt that require a bylaw change?


    I’m probably biased, but I think that instructors can & do make good/effective board members. They have way more to lose than any of us if AJX is shut down, so it’s in their best interest to make sure that the club is successful and continues to function as long as possible. We’ve had HG/PG instructors on the board for as long as I’ve been around (which is not that long,… about four years), but I know that Tim, for example, has been on the board for a long time and he’s done a lot of good for the club.

    Personally I don’t think we should exclude instructors from running for board positions, but I can also see how an instructor with dishonest or selfish motives could wreak some havoc on the other schools, and/or the club, if they’re allowed to go unchecked. That is why we have to nominate and vote for the people we believe will do a good job. If you want to make sure the club does well, you don’t necessarily have to volunteer to be on the board, but you do need to get involved in the nomination & voting process.

    Maybe some years we get it wrong, but keep in mind that the board does have the power to vote on relieving another board member of their responsibilities if they see wrong-doing, or severe lack of participation in club matters. As long as the majority of the board members are reasonable and well-meaning people, it should work out. 😅 Of course my opinion on that is amendable.


    Dan DeWeese
    General Member
    CSS Instructor

    1 board member cannot force the rest of the board to follow. Whatever the issue is, it takes a majority to move forward and implement. (Unless you can rule by executive order, that is) Preventing motivated people from holding board positions? Really? Take a look at the USHPA board. Virtually every person there are stakeholders in the flying community. They have “skin in the game”, businesses that depend on the survival of the sport.  Sometimes what seems to be a self serving action actually is beneficial to all. Knee jerk reactions, should be avoided.  If you are that passionate, run for a board position. Next year.


    Good discussion.

    BTW, nothing prevents schools to do good things for the club, without being on the board. Good ideas and actions can come from anyone.

    Mario Miralles
    General Member

    I think Jana and Dan make some good points on this matter.

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