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    Gary Anderson
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    When hiking behind the HG training hill a few days ago and I saw remnants of an old watering system that CSS used for the landing zone many years ago. The remains comprise several hundred yards of abandoned PVC pipe (see photo) and a couple very large water tanks. The old watering system is pretty ugly and not very good for our environment, so I plan to hike up the hill and drag down a few sections of pipe the mornings before I fly. I must confess that progress will be pretty sparse on hot days but I’ll do as much as I can when the weather allows. I plan to leave the abandoned material behind the hang glider storage bins until there is enough to justify renting a trailer and paying the fees at a dump.

    Help from other pilots would be much appreciated. Most of the pipe and the tanks lie on a relatively dry ridge line that is free of poison oak. However, there is poison oak in the area so make sure you can recognize and avoid the poison oak before you venture off onto that hill.


    Jimmy Bagheslai
    General Member

    Didn’t know that, thanks for showing us.
    Are the pipes still usable?
    I know a place which would come and pick them up, they need them exactly for watering.

    Considering the CSS water situation, could they be reinstated to get water from where that water source was?

    Dan DeWeese
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    CSS Instructor

    those white pipes were used by MWD to fill temporary water tanks filled by water trucks to replace ground water lost during construction of the 10 ft diam tunnel bored pipeline. MWD helicoptered them out when the const was complete. Kevin Williams gathered them up in hoping they could be used for future projects.

    The old old system used black 1.5 in diam pipe that got burned in the 03 fire. I think there was like a couple thousand feet of it too.

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