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    In addition to lifetime membership, CSS now also offers the Rat Membership.

    It’s not as bad as it sounds, you just need to find a way for holding the club and/or its neighboring properties to higher standards.
    You can rely on city code enforcement to report any suspected activity and let them take care of the matter. So easy. Never mind upset neighbors or future repercussions, instead get immediate righteous satisfaction.
    Did we mention the perks? They include (but not limited to) a dedicated parking spot, a nomination for the board, and plenty of attention from fellow members.

    According to Luke and Linda, there is already one person applying for the new membership.
    Luke Berger wrote on 2023/3/25… “Reports from at least one CSS member to SB County Code Enforcement is the reason there will no longer be horses on the XCR land or their caretaker Gene.
    Linda Salamone wrote on 2023/3/25… “I’d be home right now except that code enforcement was contacted by a board member -on the Cross Country Ranch.


    Linda Salamone
    General Member

    He’s not just applied, he’s a card carrying member .


    Who contacted Code Enforcement ; members should know ?




    Edit : Thanks to the member who contacted me with the info ; but now I wish I had not asked , because I really liked the person who did that awful thing ! :(

    Linda Salamone
    General Member

    I don’t get NEARLY enough credit for all the things I manage NOT to say. 😇

    But feel free to text or call me for deets. 😏 585-737-8699

    Mario Miralles
    General Member

    What is wrong with some people?  This and other stupid decisions have many consequences that affect all of us, not just those who have been removed from the ranch. Owen has done more for this club than I think most of us realize. Ask me, I’ll give you a short (long) list as Owen isn’t the type to brag.  Just goes to show that no good deed goes unpunished.

    Forget about the dog, some people are busy shooting themselves in the foot and taking others down with them.

    Dan DeWeese
    General Member
    CSS Instructor

    Long ago there was a theft of a couple unsecured gliders and solar panels from the LZ.

    With zero proof, this guy goes and assigns blame on a disgruntled member

    stating, “It had to be him”. His explanation was only that he thought this guy had

    motive by virtue of him being a disgruntled member.  I pointed out that motive in itself doesnt constitute proof by any measure.

    I was told a while back that Gene was an acceptable tenant and considered a caretaker

    of sorts. Now it turns out thats not accurate and his living there was some sort of code violation.

    Im not a county statute enforcer nor a statute sympathizer by any stretch, but seems to me like its

    a risk you take if you violate ordinance, petty or not. While back a county inspector shows up

    while we were setting up forms for the shade structure. Said he got a call about non permitted construction happening. I could have leveled some accusations and got some drama stirred about snitches and all, but absent proof its nothing but gossip and mudslinging.


    @ Dan :

    Wise words Dan ; I can see Why I respect you as much as i do !!!

    Emotions are rather Fickeled ; following them can be problematic at best. :(

    OK — I already know this ; so Why do I continue to do it ?? —– Dumb Human !



    Actually, the person who did this has told several people that he did it and provided an explanation as to why he did it.  This isn’t a blind accusation.




    Jamei said :

    Actually, the person who did this has told several people that he did it and provided an explanation as to why he did it.  This isn’t a blind accusation.


    May I ask ; What was the provided explanation ?



    This post is confusing and I ask for some honest clarification.

    I surmise there has been a technically legal action taken (ie: code enforcement notification?) that may somehow adversely affect the club and/or some of its members. If this is the case, then whoever took this action please explain your reasons.

    If this turns out to be unverifiable gossip, then who ever started this post, please make the necessary correction and refrain from further innuendo.

    If there is more to this story and no one comes forth to explain, I would guess there is fear in giving names and details. If this is the case and you can verify your information, then please be courageous and speak the truth. Especially if this matter affects the future leadership of CSS.

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