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    David is an unpaid volunteer who enjoys PG (at least he did before he took the safety job) and took the safety position, I am assuming, because he thought he could improve the lives of all of us. As it is, he is chasing adults who should be acting safely and responsibly by abiding by well thought out rules that are in place to keep us all safe, but instead make conscious decisions that 1: can be dangerous to themselves and others, and 2: may do lasting harm to the viability of CSS and the site.

    If poor decisions only affected the person involved then people could say, oh well, he knew he shouldn’t have done that. The problem is bad decisions can harm us all considering the limitations of the RRG and to what effect that has on the site.

    Mitch previously pointed out the obvious foolhardiness of making dumb decisions that require a helicopter rescue at approx $6000 an hour cost. Every decision that is made may affect us all. David does not deserve having to act like an elementary school principal.

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