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    Tim Ward
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    Well, I thought I’d have to use the forklift to move the sink back to the shade structure, but Gene Embree voluntold a few of the pilots sitting around, and four people walked it over and sat it down right where I wanted it.

    One of them may have thought Gene was asking them to load up to go to the top, but he pitched in, just the same.

    So if you’re wondering where the sink has gone, it’s now in the shade structure, with a sediment and carbon filter in the water line.


    Bille Floyd
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    “Dealing with heavy sink”


    Ya got me ; good on Ya !! LOL

    I was about to post a reply like :

    Get an Atos ; sink is no linger a problem !!!! :)



    Tim Ward
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    Well, even it it has a lot of carbon in it, I don’t think the ATOS would be a good filter.

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