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    George Stebbins
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    On May 31st, late afternoon, I was returning from San Diego to Palmdale after helping my sister move.  After I had passed Devore, north/west bound, I saw a hang glider at under 200′ setting up to land just North of the freeway.  There was no off-ramp there, and I was towing a loaded trailer, so I couldn’t get off the freeway to see if there was any need of assistance, or to just watch the landing.  I also realized that the glider was landing next to a house, so I assumed there would be someone there to help.

    However, I am curious to hear the story.  Does anyone know who and how this happened?  (I assume, but don’t really know, that it had something to do with the competition.  I’m sorry I had to miss that.)

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    George Stebbins

    Jonathan Dietch
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    “It wasn’t me.” Bart Simpson

    George Stebbins
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    I didn’t get a good look at the bottom of the sail, so I wasn’t sure, but I did wonder if it was you for a brief moment, Jonathan.  I never thought it it might be Bart Simpson.  Damn!  I guess I should pay more attention.  ;-)



    That was Zac landing out after flying 42.5km of 75.3km in the 3rd task.

    George Stebbins
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    Ah.  Zac.  Makes sense.  I didn’t get a very good look, there was traffic, I was towing a trailer, etc.  But I’m glad it all worked out ok.  I was curious, however.  Thanks for the info.  Glad it wasn’t Bart Simpson…

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