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    Ken Howells
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    What it says on the tin.
    5/13/2020 ~16:15 PDT, Marshall Peak, CA
    I’d gone out in the mood for sweaty climbs in hot thermals but it was cool floats in bags and boats so I only flew long enough to check-out the glider that I assembled yesterday.


    I got crspi, the Raspberry Pi that interfaces the Crestline weather station with the interweb (The one at AJX is pijax), to put out test data strings from my house to the website today and then got it ready to send actual data when hooked up at Crestline and took it with me to Marshall Peak I was gonna go meet Dan with it at Crestline at 4 first but realized that would put me counting on top landing rather late in unusual conditions so I went to Marshall at 3 and flew first and I landed before 4:30 and was texting my plans and he never answered but I drove to 18  and dang there were a lot of full-size white Dodges and Fords coming down the hill and it was cloudy and breezy at Crestline and I was calling him from the parking lot when I spotted his hat way up behind the fence at Bill’s towers that host all our equipment and provide juice and net for free so I took him  the pi and patted the dogs and he plugged the thing in and I left and it’s not putting up data but I’m sure I can fix it quickly this weekend.

    Gave it half a day today.

    Later Dan sent me this:


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