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    Ken Howells
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    John from Canada landing his pg and Nate (?) landing his Moyes Gecko simultaneously on 11/17/21 after soaring for a while beneath the low inversion layer. Nate had launched from Crestline (no lift)  and John from Regionals,  after waiting a while for a cycle.

    I went up to Regionals a little later with another hg and a couple of pg’s. No wind in the setup area but puffs up launch at 3:30 PM. A few beeps,  no climbs during the flight.  One of the pg’s managed about 20 minutes.

    Earlier I got to fly Rebar Dan’s Falcon 195 off the new, high training hill – the Westfall launch.  Great fun! I did a big S turn and still reached the grass. Definitely a good, meaningful height for a newbie to launch from before going solo from the mountain.  Good for H2,3,4,5 pilots to practice, too.


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