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    Two days ago I posted about flying Elsinore on Memorial Day and predicted that today would be Hot (100~) and a 10K+ day. Well…. I got one out of two right. It was a bit warm. Took a later tow than I wanted after helping a friend rig his “Russia ac4” glider and started climbing up over the Ostrich Farm (behind/West of the South Towers) Could not get much over 5K with only 2-3 knot thermals (~200/300 ft/min). Headed over to the E where I had seen a HG and PG earlier. A few minutes later I am looking UP at Mickey and Nate (who both had apparently top landed) standing at launch as I worked the E spine/saddle wondering “How did I get here” on what I thought for sure would be an easy 10K day. Still had a lot of fun scratching low for the next hour+ at or below ridge level including climbing back up to 4K and the E from being 5O feet above and seconds from starting a landing pattern (~1,000agl) at the airport. Also gave a close Hello to some folks I thought were pilots standing on Edwards launch before landing. Unless I can get a BFR for my pilots license soon, I will definitely be flying a HG or the Super Floater at Crestline soon, So I will see you in the Air, Alan

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