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    Pleasant day of soaring at Elsinore today with quite a few PG and at least one HG and three sailplanes out (including moi). Flew my Pilatus a little over two hours topping just around 9K. Released at South Towers flew to Santiago peak where the gaggle of PG apparently were doing a turn point, and then I flew over the house in C.L.   I think most PG were from San Diego? My neck was a bit tight so instead of looking up at them I got inverted a few times to see them better. Conditions at Elsinore look better tomorrow and Wednesday if you don’t mind the predicted near 100~ ground temps, but it should be comfortable at 10K+ ?. Plan to fly the Pilatus on Wednesday and hope to do and O&R to Hemet and beyond? Will have the 2 meter on 144.120. See you in the air, Alan


    Ken Howells
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    Sounds pretty awesome, Alan.

    Keep taking care of that neck! 🤣

    You should put a sticker of a hang glider on the side of your sailplane so people know you’re cool to fly with.



    Hello Ken,  I often stick my arm out the left side canopy vent with the E-team claw when getting close to HG/PG, but not everyone knows that “super secret handshake”.  He is a Pic of my Pilatus.  I don’t mind sometimes sharing the air up close, but if I spot camera gear on your wings, well that’s like putting out honey for the bees.  Just ask Jonathan.  See you in the air , Alan



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