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    Last Saturday ventured out to Elsinore to hook up with my Eteam Mates.  Perfect flying conditions and no one was there. Brought back memories of some very good times.


    Happy Holidays to anyone reading this.

    Jonathan Dietch
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    Happy Holidays, Jack!
    I’ve been keeping an eye on Elsinore conditions.
    It’s been over 4 years since I last flew there.

    Bille Floyd
    General Member

    From 1977 to 1995 , I flew Elsinore about once a week ; the PG there since 1989 …

    I really miss that place, AND the awesome people !!!

    CSS use to be like that social club ; now CSS is mostly a bunch of bickering fools , and nowhere near as Fun a place to hang-out , as it was , in the 80’s.



    Bille, in Elsinore there’s a borderline fistfight due to some argument at launch every other week. We have plenty of drama it’s just handled more directly.

    Both launches and “our LZ” are filling with trash due to tweakers dumping pickups full of it all the time. You’re complaining about dirt, I’m talking about refrigerators (literally had to dodge a commercial refrigerator in landing spot for a month) and large heavy car parts, an entire car stripped and upside down (still there), along with the usual items like emptied 24 packs, used condoms all over, fast food wrappers everywhere etc. Clean it up and somehow its worse the next weekend. We don’t own any of our LZs, those who do don’t want us being there.. our hands are tied from a legal perspective but we don’t see it that way, tell me, which matters more. The taxes they pay or our experience that day.

    Elsinore is not for those seeking a “paradise”, its a gritty place that can age gear (and ppl) fast and it’s for the rough and tumble and will always be since that’s at its soul. Lived here many years and understand it. Not just in flying but in many aspects.

    CSS is trying to be a paradise, and is still arguably the closest to paradises among flying sites in North America. The quarreling doesn’t change the topography or wind and frankly, doesn’t matter to those who are truly free flyers.

    David Webb
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    As said before (forgot how many times), please lay off the name calling. No need to call the lot of us a bunch of fools – the bickering just happens to be louder than all of the other good interactions that people are having on a regular basis.


    This post was meant to reflect on the good times at the E. Turned into something different sorry about that.  Enjoy the Holiday.


    Exactly. I was also talking about good times at the E.

    Mario Miralles
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    IMG_6284IMG_6285Flying (hang waiting) with my two brothers 30 years ago at the E!
    Very well expressed Nate.

    Jonathan Dietch
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    I prefer to think of Elsinore along these lines…


    Mario Miralles
    General Member

    It’s high time for a convergence beach run from the E!

    Mark Hoffmann
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    Happy Holidays….  The EEE Claw rules :)   I have great memories of landing dehydrated after fun flights and walking over to the Ortega Market at the corner to purchase 2 tall cans of Ice Tea.

    Launch Crew 10162013 The eee

    EEE Team wire crew w/claw

    Flight Prep at The EEEEAngie and ( i think Jonah?? ) 1994

    eeee 1




    Nice. Takes a special day and/or wing to get to Dana Point from the E. The strong onshore portion of the shear usually discourages the route unless stinkin high, as Jonathan was that day.

    Such runs are seen most often during the monsoonal weeks in late July/Aug. The midsummer also has weaker onshore than the Spring, which can have scary strong onshore and blowdown. YMMV.

    Great pic, thanks.

    Dave Biddle
    General Member

    There is still a lot of fun flying being had there. More PG than hangs. Plenty of people doing a run to Soboba. Been a while since I have been in a sailplane there but I love this pic. Dave Beardsley setting up with Mike Quinn and a couple others on launch.IMG_0746

    Mark Hoffmann
    General Member

    Linda Dunn… Linda Specs over EEEEE

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