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    There will be an Executive Board Meeting.
    On Saturday, March 18th at 11 am at the LZ.

    CCS Board Meeting AgendaCrestline Soaring Society, San Bernardino, CA
    Saturday, March 18th, 2023, 11 am, AJX LZ
    Call to order – 11 am, at Andy Jackson Airpark shade pavilion 5500 Ben Canyon Road, SB

    Approval of Minutes
    Discussion Item: Financial Update
    Discussion Item: Safety Update
    Discussion Item: LZ Report
    Action Item: Additional Ballot questions.
    Action Item: XC ranch agreement
    Member comments: 30 minutes total – 2 minutes per person as time allows.

    Please note the Mailchimp email system is not working; when it’s fixed, I’ll send the email.

    Linda Salamone
    General Member

    I suggest that any and all club members that have a desire to see CSS remain a viable flying site attend this meeting.
    I guarantee it will be interesting.
    A zoom or meetings link should be included in the very suspiciously absent email invite notification for this important meeting.

    Marcello DeBarros
    General Member
    CSS Instructor

    Are we gonna have a zoom meeting again? Or WhatsApp video?

    Marcello DeBarros
    General Member
    CSS Instructor

    Never mind! there will be no zoom meeting link or WhatsApp video call at this important meeting. If you want to be part of the meeting you have to be there in person.

    Linda Salamone
    General Member

    Are the meeting minutes done yet? Where’s the link?

    Marcello DeBarros
    General Member
    CSS Instructor

    Minutes for the March 18th meeting

    The meeting started at 11 o’clock sharp
    Jeff posted all the financials online
    The 2N40 it’s not included in the forest closure information given by Rob Mckenzie
    Tim had no report to give on the LZ maintenance because he had an injured arm
    The nominations for the elections for 2023 it’s now closed
    Stan made a thorough explanation of why we have no grass in the summer and if we should keep on paying the $1800 a month for no access to the ranch
    Jeff did not agree, and he believes that we should keep paying the $1800 a month
    Dan had no report on safety
    Jai Pal had an extensive explanation why we should stop paying the $1800 since the agreement was never approved by the members of the club in 2016, this violates the clubs bylaws, and he agrees that we need to have a new agreement made between the CCR and CSS
    Luke came up with a plan to redo the grass on the LZ but it would cost an initial $5000
    Rob Mckenzie was asked by Jamie Sheldon whether the ranch agreement was approved by membership. His answer was NO!, it never was, but should have been and we should fix that”.
    Owen allowed an installation of a water meter coming from the pond
    Jaipal and Stan were interrupted by Mitch McAleer, Mitch and Jaipal pushed each other out of the way, and they were separated by Luke and Owen, after that, he left the meeting.
    Jonathan Dietch commented that we should have an independant arbitrator help us to negotiate a new agreement.
    The board decided to put the matter under voting to all the members of the club. It was a unanimous decision from the Board of Directors.
    The board agrees with a three week period to prepare a presentation for the election on this matter
    The meeting ended at around 12:45

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