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    David Webb
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    Few more webcams for those who like that sort of thing. They are available on the main Weather Dashboard and Webcam pages (2 Crestline fixed web cams from AirSites). Also on the Webcam page are several other local webcams that other entities run (CSUSB, ALERTWildfire, SDG&E, etc). The 15 minute animations for the 2 Crestline cameras are still in the works.

    If you know of others in the area that would be useful, feel free to chime in.

    Albert Sharp
    General Member

    Those look great, glad they could be ported in.

    Thanks David

    David Webb
    General Member

    Minor update – one of the AirSites cameras looks like it’s been turned a little bit to the west (it used to show Marshall & Cloud; it now points towards Regionals & Devil’s Canyon). The name has been updated on that one to “Crestline (Regionals)”.

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