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    Dan DeWeese
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    Couple days ago there was a fire in the Cajon Pass.  What to do in case of fire nearby?

    If theres a brush fire within 5 miles, please clear the airspace.

    If airtankers are crossing the site, clear the airspace.

    If the “White X” is placed in the landing field, clear the airspace.

    Lack of a TRF or our ‘white X’ not placed in the field doesnt mean theres no need to clear the airspace. You may not be able to see the signs of fires nearby.  Smoke from a fire on the north side of the hill can get blown out of view on windy stable days. TFRs take several hours to enact and publish.  There may be a fire more than 5 miles away but airtanker activity traverses the site. Clear the airspace and yield to their more important activity.


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