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    Will the BBQ be catered ; the last pro-cooks were awesome !!

    Looking forward to seeing everyone …



    If Nacho isn’t a pro, he’s close.


    Bump:  for this weekends Fly-In.  I was hoping to make it with my Super Floater (air chair style glider) but that is not looking likely for this fly-in.  Anyone interested in checking out or learning about the Super Floater or other air chair gliders such as the GOAT or BUG is welcome to contact me at  alcoffield dot hotmail.com

    see you in the air, Alan

    Ken Howells
    General Member

    Probably will be great flying but there’s a chance of thunderstorms over the mountains in the forecast. Keep an eye out for gust fronts!

    I just happened to see one of my cutting-edge flight log graphics, from  the
    Andy Jackson Airpark 14th Anniversary Fly-In – July 12, 2008.
    Sounds like similar conditions.



    Tom Swanson
    General Member

    Fun fly-in! Thanks Kathy, and all who helped make it happen!20240713_185534


    So any PIREP of how the flying was at the fly in.   Is it too early to ask when the next one will be?

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