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    A complete paragliding setup is for sale, including: The wing is used, the rest is likely still in new condition including a harness, reserve, rucksack, vario. flight deck, helmet.

    All the info is in here.   <– Click the link.

    The person who had this equipment died in a car accident. This posting is to help the father who is managing the sale.

    Bille Floyd
    General Member

    The vario says it’s EXPANDABLE

    Is the addition of an airspeed indicator ; one of the functions ? If yes ; then I will take it .



    Hi Bille, from the manufacturer’s website for the GPS SD

    “The GPS SD has a built in low power wireless interface for connecting compatible accessories. The list of Flymaster wireless accessories is the most complete on the market. Already available for the GPS SD are the HEART-G, TAS and M1.”

    Where TAS stands for “True Air Speed” and this is the related info: TAS probe.

    From what I hear, most of the gear may already be spoken for, but the seller will finalize after returning in a few days. One can still contact the seller to get in line in case previous arrangements fall through. Good luck.

    Bille Floyd
    General Member

    Jerome wrote : … “From what I hear, most of the gear may already be spoken for” …


    Bummer ! :(




    Only the wing remains available (link), and at a lowered price for an easy purchase.

    All others items have already sold.


    Lucky you, the price for the wing has been dropped substantially.  <– Click the link.


    SOLD to someone who seems to be collecting my former wings.  ;-)

    David Webb
    General Member

    Think of the future street value to collectors!

    I hear the flight suits will be fetching top dollar.

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