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    David Webb
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    NOVA ION 6 for sale, size XS (70-90 kg). Relaxing, yet agile low-B that has treated me very well and given me some great flights. Here’s a fun one from Crestline to Yucaipa.

    180 hours and in excellent condition (still crispy!). Just Wednesday, another pilot complimented my “brand new wing” in the LZ. No damage, repairs, SIV, water, beach sand, etc. Still under warranty from NOVA – was sent in after 20 hours for “NOVA Trim Tuning,” which extended the warranty 3 years. Manufacturer info here.

    Reason for selling: Ooh, shiny (was happy this wing, so I ordered the ION 7).

    $1500, and comes with patch kit, roll-top compression bag, original manual, and concertina bag (although not necessary to concertina pack this wing). I’m in the San Diego area, but fly often at Marshall/Crestline, so happy to meet in either area.

    Contact by email here for details.

    Glamour shots:







    David Webb
    General Member

    Got a super cool scam response to posting my wing. Thought I’d share here for education/entertainment, in case others run into this in the future and might be tempted.

    My name is Paul James, and i am interested in buying your NOVA ION 6, Size XS (70-90 kg).Please let me know the price and send me a current picture.

    I need your response.


    Hi Paul,

    Thanks for the response. Most current photos I have are in the forum post here.

    If you want a new photo of something specific, let me know and I’ll take some. Price is $1950.




    Thanks for the mail.However,I want you to know that the price is okay by me and as for picking it up that will not be a problem..I will contact an agent that will handle the pick up.As for the payment i will be paying with Cashier’s Check which will be cashed easily…I want you to know that i will be adding shipping money for the check you are going to receive..in which you will deduct your $1950,and the remaining balance is for my Shipping agent that will be coming for the pick up at your place and deliver to me…To send it out i will need your full name and address where the Cashier’s Check will be sent to and your phone number…Listed bellow:

    1. The full name on the Cashier’s Check
    2. Mailing Address to send the Cashier’s Check
    3. Contact phone number.

    So that the Cashier’s Check can be written out in your name and mail to your address..
    PS:I will want you to kindly put SOLD on the advert from the placing site..okay, or any interested buyer that mail you,just let them know that it has been sold,so for doing that i will be willing to compensate you with $100.Hope this is clear to you..

    Get back to me asap.


    Apologies, but there have been quite a few scams lately with this type of payment. I would be ok with cash in person or PayPal.

    Let me know if that works for you.


    David Webb
    General Member

    Price drop – now $1750. It’s a Christmas miracle!

    David Webb
    General Member

    New Year’s price drop – now $1650.

    David Webb
    General Member

    MLK Day price drop – now only $1500.

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