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    Hello everyone, after many years in business my family farm is closing down due to corporate warehouses taking over the city of Ontario. Our family farm has provided the public with educational farm tours for local schools and organic produce for the general public for almost 25 years now. Within those 25 years my family and I have built many facilities to accommodate the public. Examples of this would be shade structures, picnic tables, trash cans, hand washing stations, fencing, etc. The list goes on and on. I’m reaching out to the club to inform you all that on August 31st we need to be off the property and most of our facilities need to go. I would like to donate some of our facilities to the club. I will be comprising a list of items that need to go and i will post it here on the clubs website in the near future. Unfortunately I am too busy myself and I cannot offer any transportation or disassembly of anything the club might want. For example…If the club wants a couple picnic tables then it is up to the club to drive down and transport them yourself.

    <b>THIS POST IS JUST A HEADS UP: </b>I will update with a list of items and photos soon.

    If you have any questions please TEXT me at 909-223-8122 thanks.


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