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    Dan DeWeese
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    Last Friday’s forecast showed big lift, big wind, and a convergence line right over the san brdo mtns from cajon pass to beyond blackhawk and resuming again over the 62 almost to the AZ border. It also said the freeze line at 7k, cloudbase 10k. Half hour into flight the radio isnt reaching more than a mile. Left the back toward a cloud over Marshall and the averager showed -11 and change as I sink like an anvil. Closer to atop Marshall the Yin turns to Yang and beaming to 9k East over the Arrowhead ridge and clang the cloudbase bell and my iron got dissolved by the cold. Ouch on the hands. Plow SW into the 20 or so headwind and drill down in sink to 4.5k and warm the hands up. A huge river of lift from AJX to 10k behind arrowhead pk called for a repeat cooloff. 3 swifts spotted along the narrows and I’m envious of their closed canopies and top end speed. That was the tool a day dropping snow from a long E-W convergence. AJX to Parker. I spot Jeff burning to the LZ and cant figure out why with such an abundance of up, he’s heading to land. Having had enough, I core some down and land in a disturbulent strong SW to find our daring Noel had gotten himself in the lee of the Arrowhead ridge and caught a case of leeside drill and is pasted on the hillside.  911. 40king plucks him from an untimely death by poison oak and delivers him back to AJX as he savors the last drops from his “cup of luck”.


    Hello Dan,  Good report.  Considering that I have a Brightstar Swift that has been basically mothballed for a while I would be interested in getting the contact info for any of the three Swift pilots you saw, from any one that knows.  Thanks, Alan.  (alcoffield@hotmail.com)

    Gary Anderson
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    Hi Alan, Bruce Barmakian is one of those Swift pilots and the other two share a hanger with Bruce at Redlands Airport. Hope that helps.


    Thanks Gary, Jonathan, Dan and Mario for emailing contact info.  I am a little hesitant to try and check out the Archaeopteryx as I might be tempted to get one and I would probably have to sell some real estate to afford that?   I actually seriously considered getting one 10+/- years ago when I had a little more “disposable” funds.   See you all in the air soon, Alan

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