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    Jonathan Dietch
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    Friday was one of those not-so uncommon days where the weather is rather capricious on a personal level. I went up to Crestline with a small group of PGs around noon. One pilot who’d hiked and launched the 750 drove back up with us after he sledded. They all launched around 30 minutes before me and got up as high as 9K. One came back after the air flushed and top-landed. 3 went  West and landed near the foot of Cajon. The 750 pilot went East and landed in Yucaipa. I finally launched  shortly before 2PM and chose to head East where the clouds were better formed than those to the West which had become ragged. Past the H.S. at Crest Park I opted to turn back and conserve my limited energy. Not far from launch I crossed under another HG who continued East to Keller Peak where he later reported 10K and got rained on which literally put a damper on his flight. I continued on West to Cajon and did not get much love so I went back to do some laps when I came in under a friend on PG who had gotten a ride back up from landing out in Devore. I followed him across Devil Cyn and we took different lines West. and separated. After tagging the peak below Cajon again I tried for another run East but was burnt out at Baylis Park and headed for the LZ but not before having to carefully ply my way over the saddle below RnR. Back in the LZ I learned about the capriciousness of the weather on everyone’s flights. On Saturday I attended the open class race at Sylmar where the weather made Friday seem exceedingly glorious. It seems that Spring has switched into June Gloom inversion season in the LA Basin already.

    There was an HG and a dozen PGs at Blackhawk Friday and some flights to 14K and decent distances. That’s not a reliable outcome. Until you’ve gotten screwed at Blackhawk you might not feel as bad about the basin side of the mountains. I can always dig out some old videos and tracks. On with the Friday show…

    Dan DeWeese
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    Blackhawk aint green circle/everyone gets a trophy flying like Marshall Crestline. It does, however, give up some fabulous flights often the same day the other side of the mountain is handing out scraps of same ol’ low and murky.

    Jonathan Dietch
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    I’ve never broken 50 miles from Blackhawk but always had fun regardless.


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