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    David Webb
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    Almost a repeat of last Thursday, but much smoother conditions.

    Morning was superb – launched from Crestline just after 9 in very light winds and enjoyed a few good climbs up to 5800′ before heading to AJX for vehicle retrieve and lunch. Sneak preview of the afternoon.

    Waiting for the 2:30 Sandy Van, got to see Susumu kiting and testing out his new wing. Hope I’m doing that at 90.


    Afternoon gave up epic site flying conditions. Had smooth, steady climbs up to 8k, even with the increasing cloudiness throughout the afternoon. Less aircraft than last Thursday too. Launched from Crestline around 15:30 in almost nil wind – few of us brushing up on our forward launches. Went to Sugarpine, then back along the back ridge to find an unexpected nice strong climb just east of Crestline late in the day. Pushed forward to Arrowhead and then back to Marshall just in time for all of the thermal activity to fizzle out (also coinciding with reported north winds aloft back at Crestline).

    Good day to play hooky.

    Track log of a few of us, launching from both Marshall and Crestline.


    It felt like flying in the Alps… Forward launch + Wider and smoother edged thermals.

    I will take more of that anytime. And it was great to see all the happy people.

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