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    David Webb
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    Forecasts were showing a day with potential today, but arriving at AJX, the high clouds seemed to be a bit more widespread than we would have hoped. Getting to Crestline and seeing birds thermalling up over the spine to the west gave some of us hope, so I decided to volunteer for wind technician. Launched my trusty Ion 6 (low B fun machine). Immediately got a great climb up over 7k in fairly smooth lift so decided to push forward and test out Marshall. It was also producing, so with (very) light winds everywhere and plentiful thermals, decided to head east.

    Found very little of interest between Marshall and McKinley, and after arriving at McKinley, started to think my day was over. Pushed out front to pick LZs, and had a nice low save there so decided to continue on. Rinse and repeat at Harrison, but that low save got me a nice 4k+ climb that easily got me to the dam just in time to find another nice boost back up over 7k. Decided to head south and crossed the flats and Crafton Hills. After a couple of pretty weak bumps on the south side of Crafton, instead of pushing my glide as far as it would take me, decided to pick one of the many really luxe LZ options in the area. “Settled” on a manicured football field next to a school – approx. 30 yard line. Had a few interested bystanders come over to ask questions and get their 8×10 glossies.

    Max altitude 7750′ and 2:10 flight time. 22.8 miles.

    After packing up and walking to better position myself for an Uber, I saw Patrick flying by overhead on his long glide to Calimesa. Heard over radio and text that the rest of the gang was having good flights as well.

    Super fun day – really pleasant thermals and light winds, although one had to be on their thermalling game to not miss some of the light stuff.

    Track Log Here

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